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Make Sure Your Child Care Provider Gives Your Child Healthy Food

The Fairfax County Department of Family Services’ Office for Children encourages parents to help make sure their child care providers give their children healthy, nutritious food while parents are at work.

The US Department of Agriculture sponsors the Child and Adult Care Food Program, a national initiative that helps millions of eligible children receive healthy food from child care providers. This program is administered through local jurisdictions; the Office for Children oversees the program in Fairfax County.

The child care providers who participate in the USDA program are taught healthy portion sizes for various ages, and to give children fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods for meals and snacks. The USDA program also teaches child care providers to avoid feeding children foods high in sugar, salt and fat, and foods that are choking hazards for young children. These concepts are in turn taught to the children by the child care providers.

Parents can contribute to their children’s health by encouraging their child care providers to participate in the USDA food program. Interested child care providers can call the Office for Children at 703-324-8100, or find more information online.


Source:  www.fairfaxcounty.gov/ofc/news_release_9.htm

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