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USDA Food Program

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Nutritious Meals and Snacks for Children in Care! 

Child care providers who participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program make sure your children get meals that are:

  •   Tasty;
  •   Full of vitamins and minerals;
  •   Made using a variety of healthy foods;
  •   3/4 of the daily nutrient requirements for children (when your children eat two meals and one snack while in care).

CACFP child care providers save you time and money because they provide the meals and snacks — you do not have to purchase, prepare and transport meals and snacks for your children.

Quality Assurance

CACFP is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. CACFP child care providers must:

  •   Have a Fairfax County child care permit or state license;
  •   Attend yearly training on USDA regulations;
  •   Be monitored by a child care specialist three times per year.
An Educated Provider

CACFP child care providers are trained in:

  •   Food safety and sanitation;
  •   Meal planning and food preparation;
  •   Early childhood development;
  •   Fun food activities for children;
  •   Infant and child nutrition, including for children with special needs.

Everybody wins! Your child care provider encourages good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Your children eat healthy foods, which helps them to be ready to learn.

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