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Choose a Child Care Provider With a Permit or License

An estimated 94,000 people move into Fairfax County each year, including more than 7,000 young children. New residents looking for child care provided in a home setting should note that Fairfax County family child care providers are required by law to have a county permit or a state license.

“When visiting the home of a prospective child care provider, one of the things new residents should ask to see is the family child care permit or license,” says Anne-Marie Twohie, director of the Fairfax County Office for Children.

Child care providers who care for five or fewer children in their homes are required to have a permit from the Fairfax County Office for Children; those caring for six to 12 children are required to have a license from the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Child care providers with permits or licenses have annual home safety inspections, thorough background checks, current CPR and first aid certificates, and also meet other health, safety and training requirements. The Office for Children and the state provide ongoing professional development opportunities for child care providers.

To find child care providers with current permits or licenses, call the Office for Children at 703-324-8100

Source: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/ofc/new-to-fairfax-county.htm

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